Deleveraging America – Commercial Loan Meltdown

A large driver in the current economic crisis has been the amount of debt consumers and businesses have obtained over the last decade; debt which in total was approaching three times the national GDP. Unfortunately from 2010 to 2011 the total household debt in the United States actually increased to $11.5 trillion, roughly a $33 billion increase from 2010. Until consumers and commercial loan borrowers can shed their excess debt level, fully correcting the economic problems is going to be tough. Too much debt leads to a lack of spending. In order for personal and business spending to increase, excess debt needs to be retired. Unfortunately deleveraging the debt level of most consumers, especially commercial loan debt, takes time. Some fear the US might be in for a “Lost Decade” like Japan suffered in the 1990’s. Where do you think our economy is going, and how is the personal and corporate debt level going to play a role?