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Bank Service: Our mission is to become an extension of yourteam. Credit underwriting is paramountto your operation, and requires trust. Give us a chance and we will earn it.

Borrower Service: With hundreds of lending sources and in-houseunderwriting expertise, if your loan is financeable, we will get it done.

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9/2014 - $6.3 million Ski Resort: The Client was looking to refinance their existing ski resort out of an SBA 7A loan with a higher variable interest rate, and was also interested in getting additional capital to make improvements to the property. The biggest challenge for the Client was the special-use nature of the property and seasonality of their business.

9/2014 - $4.5 million Apartments: The Client had two apartment building loans that were maturing and the Bank was not interested in renewing the loans due to some previous credit issues the Borrower had. We were able to get an attractive fixed interest rate loan approval in place despite the Clients credit issues with a nationwide apartment lender.

9/2014 - $720,000 Restaurant: Client was looking to refinance two restaurant properties that they owned. We were able to procure an attractive fixed market rate loan for the properties.

8/2014 - $1.125 million Industrial Building: Client was purchasing an industrial building currently in foreclosure. The building had some issues previously with income that made it a struggle for the Client to find financing. We were able to find a community bank willing to fund the transaction at an attractive fixed market interest rate.

8/2014 - $2.4 million Daycare Center Acquisition: Client was purchasing a daycare center as an investment property. The property was newly constructed with the tenant having just taken occupancy. We were able to get an attractive fixed interest rate loan approval from a regional bank to fund this purchase right after the tenant took occupancy.

6/2014 - $3.4 million Business Refinance & Acquisition: Our Client was looking to expand their existing business and purchase three additional locations for their business. However, they also had existing debt they wanted to refinance. We were able to structure and SBA 7A loan to refinance all of their existing equipment debt as well as fund the purchase of the new businesses with only 10% equity into that purchase (a portion of which came back to the Client in working capital).

6/2014 - $600,000 Retail Building: Client owned a partially owner-occupied retail building they needed to refinance because their existing first mortgage was maturing and their existing lender was refusing to renew the loan. The reason the existing lender was refusing to renew the loan was due to the fact the Client’s business had gone through several rough years, and the Client had some credit issues and tax liens due to those years.

6/2014 - $1.2 million Retail / Industrial Building: Client had a partially owner-occupied industrial building they were looking to refinance because the rate on their existing mortgage loan was substantially above market. However, they had a large prepayment penalty that was preventing most lenders from being able to refinance the property. We were able to structure a refinance with a repayment of the loan in a way that would avoid the prepayment penalty, and were able to find a community bank lender willing to fund the loan under our structure, which would substantially reduce the interest rate for the Client.

6/2014 - $250,000 Mixed-Use Building: Client was looking to purchase a new retail building to move their business to. They were looking for money both to fund the acquisition and build-out. The property being purchased ended up being in a flood plain. We were able to work with a community bank lender to restructure the deal and get them a loan on another asset them own to fund this purchase at an attractive fixed market interest rate.

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