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Bank Service: Our mission is to become an extension of yourteam. Credit underwriting is paramountto your operation, and requires trust. Give us a chance and we will earn it.

Borrower Service: With hundreds of lending sources and in-houseunderwriting expertise, if your loan is financeable, we will get it done.

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3/2013 – $1.4 million Drug Treatment Center: A non-profit was looking to refinance their drug treatment center. Due to the market the property was located in, with very high vacancies, and due to the nature of the property, many lenders had taken a pass. The existing lender had the property financed at a very high rate. We were able to bring in a larger banking partner for the organization and get the transaction closed at a very attractive fixed interest rate utilizing a swap program.

3/2013 – $85,000 Auto Repair Shop: The previous loan had been sold, and because the client had bad credit he could not refinance his owner-occupied auto repair shop. The note purchaser was starting foreclosure. The client brought his son in to be the Borrower on a purchase acquisition, and despite his son’s young age of 23, we were able to get an acquisition loan approved at conventional rates with a conventional bank, saving the property and likely the father’s business that operates from that property as well.

3/2013 – $800,000 Industrial Building: Borrower was looking to make a quick closing on the acquisition of an industrial building a Borrower had to sell quickly. We were able to get the loan approved with a traditional lender at an attractive fixed interest rate within 48 hours time and get the loan closed in just under two weeks, even including a full commercial appraisal.

3/2013 – $3.5 million Saw Mill: The Borrower had acquired a saw mill out of foreclosure utilizing private loans at high rates. They were able to get the mill re-opened and operating quite profitability. However, the negatives with the transaction were the guarantors had really no assets and liquidity, and one of the guarantors was the previous owner under which the saw mill failed with the previous lender. We were able to procure an SBA 7A loan for the refinance of the mill, which included additional working capital and new equipment financing, and would substantially reduce the interest being paid to the current private lenders.

2/2013 – $1.8 million Retail & Apartment Buildings: Borrower was having a retail building he owned foreclosed on. The property was over-leveraged. The foreclosure had negatively impacted the Borrower’s credit as his home was crossed in the transaction and the Bank and his first mortgage holder had filed for foreclosure on his residence. We brought in a private lender that was able to leverage other assets to refinance the subject property on a bridge loan with a discounted payoff, to buy the Borrower time to fix his credit to he could refinance more permanently.

2/2013 – $1.25 million Apartment Building: Borrower was looking to refinance an existing apartment building with cash-out. The issue the Borrower had was that personal cash-flow was very tight and the building had not been updated in a number of years. We were able to procure a financing approval at a very attractive seven-year fixed interest rate with a traditional lender to fund the refinance and the requested cash-out.

2/2013 – $250,000 Apartment Building: Borrower was acquiring an apartment building out of a foreclosure sale and needed to close quickly. We were able to procure a loan approval within roughly 48-hours time at an attractive fixed interest rate.

1/2013 – $652,000 Industrial Building: Borrower with growing business was purchasing an industrial building to move their business into. Borrower had limited cash to put down and also make the required improvements for his business, while also keeping reserves to help fund his growing business. We were able to get the loan approved utilizing the SBA 504 loan program, with the approval including money for the required improvements, procuring the Borrower both a strong bank rate but also a very strong SBA 20-year fixed rate on 40% of the transaction.

1/2013 – $110,000 Apartment Building: Borrower had bad credit and needed to refinance their apartment building to settle some debt. We were able to bring in a lender that could get over their credit issues and complete the refinance for them.

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